FREE Diagnostics

No matter if you are in Milwaukee, Cedarburg, Sheboygan, or West Bend we offer FREE diagnostic service for all equipment dropped off.

No strings attached – we will gladly check out any make and model of computer for FREE and let you know up front what the repair cost will be.

If you decide the cost of the repair is too much then simply pick your system up and owe absolutely nothing.

Why Lakeshore Computers vs. “The Other Guys”

Why is Lakeshore Computers the best computer repair shop in Southeastern Wisconsin?

We can provide you with the highest quality computers and computer repair on the market. We provide personalized IT services and support for all your computer needs. Your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%!

No other computer repair shop in the area makes this guarantee and can stand by their work.

Honest Up Front Pricing

That’s right, we don’t charge by the hour, half hour, or minute. We charge by the repair.

After we perform your FREE diagnostic service you will be quoted a price for the repair, it doesn’t matter if that job takes three times longer than anticipated – your price stays the same.

Big box stores like Milwaukee PC / Best Buy charge you the minute they check in and service a system. We don't think you should have to pay to have an diagnosis on your computer system.

High Quality Repairs

One way we keep our customers happy is by providing them with the highest quality components on the market. We do not skimp on parts or our diagnostics because we don’t want your new computer or repair to turn into a hassle for you.

Are you really saving money in the long run if you have to return to the computer repair shop or spend countless hours on the phone talking with a tech support person who uses English as a second language?

We believe that your interaction with technology should be seamless and hassle free. It should work correctly the first time, and we strive to meet and exceed your expectations.

Fastest Service

Most computer repairs are completed within 24 hours of diagnosis.

Priority Service is available for many repairs at a small charge when time is truly of the essence.

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