Computer Tune Up


PC acting slow? Does it seem to have a mind of its own?

Has it been taking countless minutes to log into Windows?

Do you find yourself restarting your computer because it constantly freezes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your computer is probably in need of a Tune-Up.
Over time your computer progressively slows down and becomes less effective and unreliable.

Why do computers slow down?

There are many hidden functions within the Windows Operating System that you may have never heard of: Windows Registry, Internet Temp Files, Sectors, Shortcuts, Uninstalled Programs, Cookies, Deleted Files, Drivers and Tasks.

All these functions begin to stop working over time while leaving your computer in a perplexed state. As this condition gets worse, your computer’s performance drops. Therefore, a computer Tune-Up is necessary in order to keep your system running and performing the way it should.


Why should my PC have routine maintenance or service?

It may help avoid costly computer repairs or data loss by detecting failing components

Improves efficiency and performance

Helps keep the computer running cleanly, quietly and within recommended temperature ranges


What does a pc routine maintenance or service include?

  • A thorough cleaning of the computer casing inside and out
  • Checking & cleaning cooling fans on the CPU, Northbridge and Graphics Card (replacing or lubricating where necessary)
  • Checking motherboard for leaking, bulging or blown capacitors
  • Hardware diagnostics including; motherboard, memory, hard-drive and processor
  • Software updates checked and applied if necessary
  • Bios updates
  • Disk scan for corrupted or damaged files & sectors
  • A full scan for viruses, trojans and spyware
  • Disk Cleanup to remove unneeded temporary files and other unwanted ‘buildup’
  • Disk Defragmenting for improving disk performance
  • Consulting with you about possible performance enhancements including removing unnecessary programs at ‘startup’ and adding memory etc.


How often and how much?

Depending on your circumstances and PC usage, servicing is recommended on a 6 to 12 month basis.

The amount of dust and pet hair in the air surrounding a PC unit will vary between households (Keeping a tower on the floor will usually cause it to pull in more contaminants than one on the desk or table-top) so some computers will require physical cleaning more frequently than others.

Hardware faults can develop at any point due to many factors including component failure, voltage spikes, improper shutdown of Windows and more. Sometimes regular computer maintenance checks can detect impending failure (not always) thereby preventing costly repairs and data loss.

Think a regular PC service is unnecessary? Think again…

The average computer in your home typically sits on the floor or carpet / uphostry and has collected dust and debris that over time can build up and cause overheating.  Heat is the number 1 enemy of computer technology, and overheating can cause damage and early hardware failure.  Also most computers have security updates, software updates, bios updates, and other preventative measures that need to be performed on a regular basis.

Changing the oil in your car ever 3000 miles has become good policy for extending the life of your vehicle, contact Lakeshore Computer so we can assist you with extending the life of your computers and technology.

Our Solution:

We will configure your system back to its original startup state, defragment all your internal hard drives, remove broken shortcuts, repair and clean system registry, fix Windows file types, system history lists, program paths, settings, extensions, components and a list of other mechanisms to get your computer back to running the way it’s suppose to.

If all the above fails, we will completely re-install your computer’s Operating System and transfer over all your files, documents, pictures and videos.

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