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Have you ever wanted to simplify and streamline your home networking expierence?  Have you wished you had the ability to open the same office document on your laptop, desktop, and iPad at the same time?  Have you ever wanted to have the ability to print wirelessly from any mobile device or laptop?  Have you wondered if there was a way to extend your wireless network coverage, and alleviate the “dead spots” or weak signals in  your home?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then Lakeshore Computers can help!

With a customized Home Network you can:

  • Share one Internet connection between several computers
  • Connect to the Internet or other PC’s wirelessly
  • Share printers and files between computers
  • Manage backups in one location
  • Play games between computers
  • Share your PC’s broadband connection with your XBox. Playstation, or other console devices
  • Connect to your home network remotely using VPN technology (Virtual Private Network)
  • And more!

We can help with:

  • Setting up your Internet and Email
  • Setting up and Securing your wireless network
  • Troubleshooting Internet connection problems
  • Adding new computers to your existing Internet connection
  • Add Parental Control software to and internet filtering to protect your children
  • Extending ADSL cabling between the phone socket and your PC
  • Adding wireless access points to increase your wireless coverage
  • Simplifying and your home networking experience

Contact Lakeshore Computers today to schedule an appointment with us on improving your home network expierence.

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