Laptop Repair and Service

In addition to repairing PC desktops Lakeshore Computers specializes in the following laptop repair and services

  • Laptop hardware testing and troubleshooting
  • Laptop LCD screen replacement
  • DC Power Socket (Jack) repair and replacement
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Keyboard and trackpad replacement
  • Laptop Hard Drive replacements and upgrades
  • Laptop Memory (RAM) replacements and upgrades
  • Data & Settings Transfer between desktop to laptop or laptop to laptop
  • Operating System reinstallation and upgrades
  • Laptop Screen issues, overheating, broken USB ports and more
    BIOS Password removal (from most laptops)

Laptop hardware testing and troubleshooting:

Lakeshore Computers specializes in servicing and repairing all makes and models of laptops, including Mac’s.  If you are having difficulty with your laptop we encourage you to contact us for a diagnostics test and evaulation of your laptop.  Often times if your laptop is acting up or not working properly it can be quickly and easily fixed by replacing a faulty part, or servicing the operating system.

We have the most current diagnostic software for all major makes and models, and can quickly and thoroughly diagnose and resolve your laptop’s issues.

Isn’t laptop repair expensive?

Generally hardware related problems on laptops cost more to repair since more labour/skill is involved and parts are more difficult to obtain in comparison to those for desktop PC’s. However, depending on the problem, the repair could be much less than you have been told. At Lakeshore Computers we are able to perform circuit board repair which may eliminate the need for a replacement part.

Symptoms of a faulty power jack:

  • Movement of the power plug causes the power/battery-charge light to go out
  • Visibly broken DC socket or socket pushed right into unit
  • Laptop won’t charge but works until battery runs out (can also be a charger problem)
  • Sparking from area where the power lead plugs into the laptop

The manufacturers and suppliers will usually tell you the motherboard needs replacement which can cost hundreds of dollars, but…most DC Jacks can be replaced (or repaired if it’s just the solder that’s broken). Repairing broken DC sockets on notebooks is not in itself a particularly difficult task – the worst part of the job is the disassembly and re-assembly of the laptop! If we determine that the socket needs to be replaced we will let you know the price and you can make the decision to spend the money to replace it. DC power sockets for laptops vary in cost between manufacturers and models.

Broken USB Ports

As with broken DC sockets, the manufacturer of the laptop will not usually replace just the broken USB port, they will change the entire motherboard if you send it to them for repair. More likely than not, the manufacturer will consider damage to DC sockets and USB ports to be the fault of the consumer and as such this sort of repair will not be covered by warranty. USB Sockets differ from laptop to laptop in shape, size and configuration. We can source most replacements but we may need to open your laptop to determine what part it needs before we can be sure it’s one we can replace.

Liquid Spill / Water Damage

We’ve all been there and accidentally spilled soda / coffee / or some other liquid in our laptops.  It’s not a pleasant experience, and often times can lead to hardware failure or a broken keyboard.  Let Lakeshore Computers assist you with fixing your laptop if it has liquid damage.  Often times we are able to clean internal components, and service your laptop with quick turnaround time.  If we are not able to service or fix your laptop we will not charge you a diagnostic fee.


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