System Upgrades

System Upgrades

Upgrading your system’s hardware is probably the best way to gain performance without having to purchase an entirely new computer

Simple upgrades like adding more memory can easily boost your system’s performance.   A more advanced upgrade like adding an SSD hard drive can improve your computer’s performance by more than 200%.

Whatever your needs are, Lakeshore Computers will guide you in the right direction.  Our goal for Hardware Upgrading is to keep your computer up to date without the added cost of buying a new one.

Desktop Computer Upgrading:

  1. Motherboard w/CPU and memory upgrade
  2. CPU upgrade (Depending on current motherboard specification)
  3. Computer case transfer (All components transferred to new case)
  4. Memory upgrades
  5. Additional hard drive installation
  6. Raid configuration (stripe and mirror)
  7. Graphic/Video card upgrades
  8. Additional graphic card installation
  9. Power supply upgrade/installation
  10. PCI card installation
  11. Hard drive upgrades
  12. Wireless card installation
  13. Bluetooth installation
  14. USB 3.0 upgrade
  15. Sata 6.0 upgrade

Laptop Upgrading:

  1. Memory upgrade
  2. CPU upgrade (Depending on current motherboard specification)
  3. Hard drive upgrade
  4. Laptop screen (higher resolution) upgrade
  5. Optical Drive Upgrades
  6. Keyboard Replacement

Custom Computer Building:

  1. Complete assembly of all computer components (drivers included)
  2. OS installation
  3. Raid hard drive setup (As many as six drives)
  4. Dual and triple channel DDR2-3 configurations
  5. Quad or dual GPU configurations
  6. Dual and triple monitor setup
  7. Additional graphic card installation
  8. Overclocking
  9. Case lighting
  10. Custom case designing
  11. Disclosure of wiring
  12. Case organization and cleaning