Virus Removal


What is a virus?

A computer virus is normally a software program that spreads from computer to computer while interfering with its function and operation. It may corrupt or delete data on the computer, use email clients to spread the virus to other computers, or simply erase everything off a hard disk.

Most viruses can either come through email attachments, instant messages and torrent files that were downloaded onto a computer via pirated software (Limewire, UTorrent). In most cases, they disguise themselves as attachments of funny images, greeting cards or as audio and video files.

Virus Symptoms:

  1. Computer runs slower than usual
  2. Computer stops responding or it locks up frequently
  3. Computer crashes and then restarts every few minutes
  4. Cannot start Windows Task Manager
  5. Computer restarts on its own
  6. Applications do not work correctly
  7. Disk drives are inaccessible
  8. Printer cannot print items correctly
  9. Distorted menus and dialog boxes
  10. Double extensions on attachments that were recently opened (.jpg, .vbs, .gif, or .exe)
  11. Antivirus programs are disabled and/or cannot be restarted
  12. New items appear on the desktop that you did not put there, or icons not associated with any recently installed programs
  13. Programs disappearing from your computer

Our Solution:

We simply go to the root of the problem which in most cases lies within the system registry. Our attempt would be to save your important files (favorites, pictures, documents) and restore your computer back to a healthy state. We have multiple virus removal programs and state of the art registry editors that will attempt to eliminate the virus off your system. If that doesn’t work, we will completely wipe your computer’s hard disk, re-install your current Operating System, and transfer over all your uninfected files and media.

Most computer repair companies like Best Buy are happy to remove the virus for you, but charge a premium price and don’t offer training or support on how to stay clear of viruses going forward.  Lakeshore Computers focuses on you, the customer from start to finish on getting and staying clean of virus’s and malware.

Getting Clean:

Removal of most trojans and malware is possible with a reputable Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware application* but some variants are quite difficult to detect and remove and thus require manual cleaning techniques. We have very high success rates for removing rootkits and self-replicating malware variants. When you’ve had enough – just give us a call!

Staying Clean:

Once your computer is free of any trojan, virus, or malware we want to make sure it stays clean and protected.

The old adage, ‘An ounce of prevention…’ applies to our computers as well as our bodies. Along with educating all the users of your PC basic with ‘safe-surfing’ methods, there are ways to help prevent infection with specific immunization software. We will advise you on AntiSpyware, AntiVirus, Parental Control Software and any other requirements as part of our service.  Lakeshore Computers offers free antivirus and anti-malware software such as Spybot Search & Destroy, Avast!, Avira, and AVG Free.  We would be happy to assist you with cleaning, optimizing, and protecting your computer technology.


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